Ami eszembe jut

ZantyManty•  2024. március 24. 17:38

Ezt Valló Világ

Vacsora után emberek jelen,ettek

Jelentem,jelek mennek,jelenetek

Képről sül a bőr,szegény arcél kopik

A TV-ben hölgyemény kacérkodik

És a csávó menten lő,mert e nő fűt

Az élvezettől megrengő,meredő bűnt

Meglelte eme főben,ám a tar talon

Szer elem levegőben,pár a tartalom

ZantyManty•  2023. szeptember 14. 13:11

Geisha, A Life

Got the real geisha memoir,this copy

revealed for me how she wrote History

Back when Japan was like "ima wa ii."*

A gifted geiko named Iwasaki

walked a way,became a trending idol

The finest artist,a dancing white doll

A legendary muse,solid asian

Woman,who had a huge motivation

In a stoic nation,heart driven meetings

Among everyday's hard,ridden feelings

It's a perfectly made performance,right?

Beautiful act of girls for men's sight

Cloth has weight,but her soul is heavier

Life is full of sad stories,hang in there!

There are many okiyas,small,secret worlds

She showed us how the whole district works

*:„Most jó” – 70-es évek. Akkoriban pl technológiai fejlődés,stb…

A szöveget Iwasaki Mineko: A gésák gésája könyvéről írtam.

ZantyManty•  2022. április 5. 22:13


Pictures,best of stills,memories

Just please bring back those feels

We had something,it's called emotion

And Now... Network,Discord: E motion

ZantyManty•  2022. április 4. 22:54

Wake up,bro...

Commerce material arts,take one,though

The advert is a fake,dumb show

Buy the currently made best phone

Wake up bro,your wage has gone

ZantyManty•  2022. március 24. 14:50

Just do,kid!

It's weird,like a Nike on an Asian woman
But you can't help the situation,who can?
I mean,sweatshops,but there is no rage
Profit is god,they bears this low wage
Protests: „Just a little rise,add more cents”
And what about child employments?
White libtard in the manager seat
They just say „ban that word,shit”
You know,the nitwit woke gaslight
„We need the PC talk,that's right!”